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Choose the way you want to protect those who depend on you​

  • Term Life insurance (very inexpensive)                                 
  • Term Life with Return of Premium (get your money back)
  • Permanent Life insurance

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 We'll protect Your Family and your Business from THE UNEXPECTED

Personal liability protection
Renters policies to protect personal items 
Earthquake  and  Flood  Insurance also available
Very Low Prices with "A" rated Companies

Very low down payments or -0- Down payment if qualify

Health, Dental-Vision & Disability Insurance
Insurance Programs For Your Family

The risk of having to sell your home or your assets  to pay for your medical bills is very real. 

  • Get protection  immediately.
  • Low cost Health insurance for individuals and families.    
  • Have a health problem?
  • Check our  Guarantee Issue  
  • Medicare options also available.

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​​​Will  you  take  a  Trip   South  of  the  BORDER?

We have MEXICO insurance too ​​​​

Do you have  an excellent  driving record?     Welcome to the Lowest Rates around!

Poor driving record? 

We can save you money too!

Auto Insurance & SR-22

Sweet  home.....​
Insurance to protect your Home,  your Personal property,  Rental property, Vacation home or Mobil home.

Yes, you need insurance for your home, but...

In case of Fire or other losses, the insurance policy for your Sweet Home may become the nightmare of a lifetime, unless... you have the right coverage.

We'll explain to you, step by step, the coverage and options  that you can purchase to avoid the nightmare from happening.

Home Insurance

  Life  Health
  Autos Umbrella


Auto Insurance 

Life is too precious to be left unprotected Have an

inexpensive Life Insurance policy in force  in  two days, if you want, without medical exam 

Life Insurance

More than 50% of insured are not sure of what coverage they have.  Are U one of them?  

We want to change that. We provide you with the necessary information so that you can make the most appropriate decisions and in your best interest.. 

If Knowledge is Power, then we give You the power to understand and use  Insurance for Yourself,  your Family & your assets:

Business Insurance 4 U 

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